The Great Fashion Doll Couples


This is a pictorial of all the great Fashion Doll Couples!


Hamiliton Design's Candi Girl and Hasbro's French foreign legion GI Joe

Mattel's Asha and Jamal

Hasbro's Jem and Rio

Hasbro's Sindy and Paul

Takara's Jenny and Jeff

Mattel's Barbie and Ken

Mattel's Midge and Allan

Mattel's Tracy and Todd

Can you think of more???


Candi Girl and GI Joe

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The names Jenny and Jeff are dolls by Takara, Inc.

Barbie®, Ken, Skipper, Midge, Teresa,Asha, Jamal, Tracy and Todd etc are registered trademarks of Mattel, Inc. I am not a representative or an employee of Mattel, Inc. or affiliated with Mattel, Inc. in any way. Barbie® is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.